Hazy Loper is set to release it’s first album in 10 years! co-released with ribess records of italy, and arranged by closer to carbon,“ghosts of barbary” wanders the hidden alleys of san francisco to illuminate lost elements of past and present. employing strange tunings, a sense of time and place and a D.I.Y. approach to form and cacophany. the contribution of Closer to Carbon’s found objects and odd instrumentation adds a cinematic texture to hazy loper’s brand of homespun, creaking folk.
check out a song from the new album right here. "Last Night of the Earth"


New artist joining out of round this summer! poet Patti Trimble will release her first spoken word albums. One, a collaboration with Peter Whitehead and the other an exciting collaboration with Tunisian musicians. stay tuned´┐Ż

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