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G One

Prohibition Song

The Come on Over
They came together after wandering street corners, art studios, parks, and abandoned lots. Sharing a love of street performance, circus, puppet shows, playing, and practicing. They combine a unique sound with accordions, banjo, guitar and horns.

Corner Tour is a band of charmers. We like to defy your ears with our melancholy mountain carnival. But don't ask us what kind of music this is. Listen for yourself especially around bedtime for some dream inspiration.

A lightning bolt struck San Francisco in 1998 and Corner Tour was born. We began making music for films, circuses, fishing trips, pie parties, communitiy gatherings, and most especially, old folks homes. Stormy Knight plays horns & guitar, Caroline Shanti plays accordion & bass, Alicia McCarthy plays banjo & guitar, Carolyn Cooley plays accordion & sings, Elaine Buchkholtz joins us on Ektar & vocals. Listen for us in a train tunnel after midnight.

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