10:00 am10:00

dada house featuring numerous artists

and co produced by out of round records for the city lights dada festival,  

including peter whitehead, hazy loper, richard loranger, mom, shady lady lighting, etc etc. election night mayhem, details and tickets available at city lights. 

8:00 pm20:00

hazy loper

at the mythic LOST CHURCH 65 capp st. sf! one of the finest little theaters in the land. DOORS 7:30! OLD PAL at 8, HAZY LOPER to follow.

Oct 16

Center For New Music

Taylor Street, San Francisco

Performing with Pet the Tiger, playing fipple flutes with harmonic series Gamelan based on a scale of Lou Harrison's. Featuring, sirens, fipple flutes, toys and a 32 note scale hand built gamelan instrument

time to be announced