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Seven Crows
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Fall Harbor takes listeners on a journey through landscapes of post-industrial decay and wilderness, and travel toward places of hope and renewal. Songwriters C. Ryder Cooley and Todd Chandler spin enchanting tales of ships on the high seas, rainy alleyways, river ravaged by pollution and magical water towers in the woods.

The band formed in 2007 when Cooley and Chandler wrote a collection of songs for accordion and banjo, which they performed in a frigid old opera house in Hudson, New York. They continued to work together, playing their sparse and haunting music in theaters, art spaces, barns and tunnels.

Drawing inspiration from the river towns and mountain forests of Upstate New York, Fall Harbor weaves a world inhabited by the ghosts of our own creation, where beauty and resilience sparkle in the darkest and most unlikely corners.

Meet Me at the Water (2010) unfolds in a series of compelling songs about hope and decay. With carefully layered instrumentation and intimate vocal harmonies, Meet Me at the Water expands on the original Fall Harbor banjo-accordion duets to include horns, bass, percussion (by Otto Hauser of Vetiver), clarinet (by Bobby Gibbs) and guitar (by Rob Caldwell). CD's are designed and packaged by Fall Harbor in recycled cardboard sleeves and can purchased via Out of Round or itunes.

Songs From Fall Harbor (2008) was recorded during a snowstorm in a cabin in Western Vermont. The album is filled with forgotten ghost songs played on accordion and banjo, interwoven with melodies of singing saw and upright bass. The packaging is hand silkscreened on recycled cardboard sleeves and can be purchased via itunes


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