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Dancing With LeLand

Don't Take Me Down

Walk Through Elko
From hundreds of sketches he has now completed his second album Walk through Elko, 11 songs, each with its own distinct sound. The arrangements have become more elaborate, reduced and more precise. Dramatic teleguitars,
conciliatory banjos, the occasional clarinet and a wistful, deep voice, all wrapped up in the sounds of a Roland JX8P synthesizer. The album was co-produced by Bebi Jegen.

Tom Huber is prone to disappearing into studio, where he single-handedly creates languorously eerie music inspired by folk, gothic, electronic rock and western. In 2006 he released his debut album Playing for the Goats. For his intense live shows he teams up with his very own Tom Huber Band.

Tom Huber is hooked on searching big melodies that will
transpor t him to his favourite place: the nowhere somewhere
in the middle of his head. It is not a sunny spot, a
perpetual loop of autumn and winter. He finds comfor t
in dark and disturbing atmospheres and elegant beauty in
the inscrutable, all of which he skilfully transforms into the
theme music of a movie about a melancholic Gauloise Man
in tattered trainers rescuing sheep on the steep slopes and
misty plains of downtown notopia.

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©2009 Out of Round Records