David Lundgren was raised mainly in Arizona. His musical training began in choirs and in learning to play the piano in the living room of the family's home. His mother gave voice lessons to the Church's choir and so provided him some of the fundamentals and ambivalences of formal instruction. As an adult, he began playing guitar and singing in coffee houses and other small venues across the country such as the Shrunken Head and Little Lu Lu's in Phoenix, Arizona. He is now working on a Master's Degree in Philosophy and lives aboard the boat "Skala" in Oakland, California. 

Kai Lundgren-Williams raised in Minnesota, Louisiana and Massachusetts also, in his youth, recieved piano lessons but gave up formal training after being terrified into incoherence at his fist piano recital. Now he experiments with a range of instruments and listens to what comes out. It is his hope that the Mason Hamblin and other Out of Round recordings will encourage others to make music of their own. He has recently written a Dissertation on alternative economies of being, or exuberant practice, and was awarded a Doctorate in Philosophy. He presently resides in San Francisco. 

The Ballroom is for Dances is the second and most recent collaboration for the two musicians and marks a deeper poise and balance in thier output. Their previous work together, the troubling and stentorian "Pontchartrain" (currently unavailable), was in many ways the work of two separate artists sharing common sensibilities and focus. Their latest work acheives a tense harmony that recognizes the unique, and occasionally contradictory, contributions of each.



The Ballroom is for Dances

Poetic, fierce, and graceful. A duo composed of David Lundgren - a lyricist observing the quiet ruin of American life and his nephew who accompanies him on acoustic guitar, organ, and trap drums. The music they produce is mournful and revelatory - with mixtures of blues, folk, and Thunderbird.