Rare Mummy Music - The Project of cooperating labels

Out of Round Records in affiliation withSpezialmaterial (Switzerland) and Ribess Records (Italy) is proud to announce the formation of a brand new collaboration project called Rare Mummy Music. The project will promote and distribute 2 bands from each label in their respective countries, creating a new and entirely exclusive project that not only spans the globe, but showcases some of the unique music from each of these seminal independent labels, while shedding light on the vast libraries these record labels have been building on their own for years. Each of our labels has been presenting unique music for over a decade, building original music from the ground up while providing a community for artists that doesn't represent a conventional, mainstream or even a retro sound. Rare Mummy Music is built on wholly original music that reaches beyond boundaries.

The artists of Rare Mummy Music:

Ruby Howl (Out of Round)
Bancale (Ribess)
Fall Harbor (Out of Round)
Tom Huber (Spezialmaterial)
Macuso Vikovsky (Spezialmaterial)



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