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Ruby Howl news! Hey we had a great indiegogo campaign and now "Swallows Take Flight" is manufactured and we have vinyl records! For this album we are partnering with Voodoo Doughnut Recordings of Portland and will be represented by them and distributed by Burnside. Release date is October 14 in San Francisco at the Lost Door 1828 Illinois St. with Future Twin and October 21 in Portland at The Know! Details in calendar. Meanwhile check out the first two songs below! 

flying your way sooooon!!!!     

flying your way sooooon!!!!    

here's the first two songs yet to be released!





Heaven Hides There Too

heaven hides there too' combines the growl of post punk and the shoe gaze feel of moody and dark folk music. produced by eric drew feldman (pj harvey, frank black, etc.) the album combines the songwriting of sisters laurie and jennifer hall with patrick kadyk and features the sounds of his handmade guitars. all three sing lead and back each other up with exquisite harmonies. the result is dreamy, haunting and unpredictable.


Praise for “Heaven Hides Here Too"

fragile, dreamy dark and alternative folk songs with alternating acoustic and electric guitars and dreamy singing.
— Rootstime
In follow up to 2009’s debut, The Wind and the Tiger, Heaven Hides There Too, continues to straddle the worlds of Appalachian Folk and Indie, and embellish their work with a good old dollop of gothic moodiness.
— Leicester Bangs
Their sound is murky with deep bass drums, rumbling guitar and various keyboard sounds that occasionally sound like a brass section. The voices are portentous, laced with menace in a Gothic fairy tale way to the extent that eventually the album moves away from psychedelia to prog folk.
— Americana UK

The Wind And The Tiger

the wind and the tiger is the debut album from ruby howl featuring patrick kadyk and laurie hall. cowritten, cosung and played on handmade banjos and 4 string parlor guitars, the music swirls with intricate delicacies. it is spare, yet snarling into a dark and fragile interlude of longing, despair and possibility.


Praise for “The Wind And The Tiger"

ruby howl blend asian, middle-eastern, european and latin flares with traditional folk and americana to create something completely their own that has hints of darkness and despair that i will dub ‘banjo noir’. the wind and the tiger seems fit for an independent film or a dark alley bar with red velvet curtains and smoke curling around an audience moving in slow motion. their banjo noir is far too dark and haunting for your car stereo but would be great paired with rich visuals.
— lisa town,


Laurie began writing, performing, and recording original music in 1990, when she and Jennifer along with Buck Bito formed the indie rock trio Ovarian Trolley, who released 3 well received albums and multiple singles. Over 8 years they toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe. Their music was also featured in several films. She is also part of the acoustic quartet, The Hallflowers, singing along side Jennifer and their mother Phyllis. They have 2 albums and perform regularly. In 1999 she partnered with Eric Drew Feldman to create the internationally recognized band Knife and Fork, who followed the production of their album "Miserycord" in 2004 with a multi-national tour supporting PJ Harvey, as well as opening for The Pixies at the Berkeley Greek Theater.

Kadyk formed the gypsyish-folk outfit Hazy Loper in 2000. They released 3 acclaimed albums, toured Europe twice, and were the subject of the documentary film, "Sketches of Hazy Loper" by Davide Vanni. During this time he also paired with fellow out of rounder Ryder Cooley to form the gothic-folk duet, The Darklings and released one album and toured in the states.

Jennifer began performing and recording alongside Laurie back in 1990 as drummer, vocalist, and songwriter for Ovarian Trolley. She also teamed with Laurie and Eric for the Knife and Fork project as percussionist and vocals, and toured with them in 2004. She also sings and writes songs for the Hallflowers.

Eric's storied music history started as bass and keyboardist with Captain Beefheart in the late seventies. He then went on to play and tour with such illustrious acts as Snakefinger, Pere Ubu, The Pixies, The Residents, PJ Harvey, Frank Black, among others. In 1999 he started collaborating with Laurie and created Knife and Fork. He's also produced many award winning albums and songs over the years including, Polyphonic Spree, various Frank Black albums, PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse, dEUS, and the list goes on.