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Viste Ma Tente
With his acoustic debut album “Visite ma tente”, Z�rich singer-songwriter Macuso Vikovsky emerges as a one-man-band of the sonically pleasing variety. Join him in a diverse musical universe full of subtleties.

Listen to and enjoy guitars, banjo, ukulele, and balalaika on "Visite ma tente“, as well as a for once not whining clarinet, percussion and subtle samples. Some needed guests appear playing E-bass and drums. Macuso Vikovsky‘s penchant for unusual instruments – gathered at flea markets and second hand stores – resonates in an appealing range of quirky sounds.

Based on home recordings, years of accumulation of musical material, sketches, first ideas, and fragments of preliminary sound images, have been refined in the studio – solidified, concentrated and distilled. 13 tracks take final form on „Visite ma tente“; acoustic music with folk influences, carefree whistling and light-footed sessions, playful and dreamy, gentle hymns without pathos; vocals and instrumentation that weave into each other creating moods and atmospheres, small, concise, sometimes surreal worlds. Macuso Vikovsky plays in the singer-songwriter tradition, but avoids being confessional or message-driven. His lyrics are different, drawn from association and improvisation.

"Visite ma tente“, this means – accept the invitation and go into a captivating wonderland of the musical gems and finely spun, surprising sounds of a „loner musician“ (Macuso Vikovsky). It will bring delight to those who want it.

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©2009 Out of Round Records